Food is an important part of Indonesian culture. Lucky me! since I love Indonesian food. The most popular Indonesian dish in the Netherlands is the rijsttafel, which they also have in Indonesia. This is actually a combination of serverall small dishes.

One of my favorite dishes is beef Rendang. One of my favorite snacks is Martabak Telur. On this page I will tell you about a lot or more Indonesian dishes and also tell you let you in some of the recipies so you know how to cook it yourself.

There is a wide range of beef, chicken and fish dishes that can be prepared with different kinds of bumbu sauce. It is also common to name a dish after the place where it originates from.

Not only main dishes are really tasty, but there is also a wide variety of snacks, desserts and drinks that are definitely worth to try out!

Rijsttafel at bumbu Bali in Bali Benoa